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專訪中華民國演講協會創辦人Bennie Bough/ Interivew Bennie Bough

1. Could you please share with us how you built up the 1st Toastmasters club in ? What made you to build such a club, and how did you make it? 

In 1953, I joined a Toastmasters Club in San Diego, California . Being in the Navy, I was transferred to Taipei with the Joint Military Assistance Advisory Group. In order to continue the benefits of the Toastmasters training, a club had to be organized. On September 23rd, an interest meeting was held. The first regular meeting was held on September 30th. At that time, temporary officers were elected to serve until an election for charter officers could be held. Because approval was required to use the Toastmaster name, it was decided to adopt the name “Speaker’s Dinner Club.”

On receiving approval from Toastmasters International, at the October 7th meeting, the permanent name “Taipei Toastmasters Club” was adopted. On October 21st, the Constitution and By-laws were adopted and charter officers elected. Being elected the Charter President was an honor for me. On January 6, 1958, the Taipei Toastmasters celebrated the charter presentation and installation of charter officers at a banquet. 

2. What keeps you joining the Toastmasters for years? Are there any secrets/ incentives that attract you? 

My initial desire to join Toastmasters was to become a better communicator and leader that were essential to promotion in the military. It worked. I started as an enlisted man and retired as a naval officer. After I retired from the military, it also helped me in my civilian career and community involvement.  

I have continued in Toastmasters because of the many leadership opportunities with the organization. Again, I have been very successful starting as a Club President and becoming International President in 1992.  

My purpose in life is to mentor and help many individuals with their communication and leadership skills. Toastmasters International gives me that opportunity.

3.Being the founder of Taiwan's Toastmasters clubs, could you please tell us how you feel about 's Toastmasters members? Is there anyone that impresses you the most? 

Taipei Toastmasters Club is celebrating 50 years of outstanding service to its members and its community! WOW! In those years, the leaders and members have contributed greatly to Toastmasters International’s mission: “to make effective oral communications a world wide reality.” The Taipei Toastmasters Club has been a shining model for all individuals who have gone through the Toastmasters program, the community, and the Toastmasters International organization.

Taipei Toastmasters had a strong role in developing leaders and laying the foundations for a district in . Today, has a voice on the Toastmasters International Board of Directors---International Director George Yen. Personally, I look forward to the day we will have an International President from . All these developments began with one club chartered on January 6, 1958---The Taipei Toastmasters Club. 

The Taipei Toastmasters Club has left a lasting legacy of helping thousands of individuals to improve their communication and leadership skills, and many have stayed active in helping others to develop their skills. The members have carried on our Founder Dr. Ralph Smedley’s vision, “we work together to bring out the best in each of us and we apply those skills to helping others.” By doing this, the Taipei Toastmasters Club has helped many to become changed human beings.  

This will be the third trip to for me---the 40th Anniversary of Taipei Toastmasters Club, the installation of the first set of district officers and now the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Taipei Toastmasters Club. The thing that impresses me most is the excitement and enthusiasm of all Taiwan Toastmasters for the Toastmasters program.  

4. In 2008, the Taiwan Toastmasters will be the 50th year. What is your best wish to Taiwan Toastmasters, and do you have any expectation to us?  

My wish for all Toastmasters in Taiwan is to continue your excitement and enthusiasm for the Toastmasters program and to carry on our Founder Dr. Ralph Smedley’s vision, “we work together to bring out the best in each of us and we apply those skills to helping others.” Toastmasters can lead the way by helping others to become better communicators and leaders, thus building a better world. 

5. What's your impression about Taiwan? 
Taiwan will always hold a very special place in my heart. In the past 50 years, I have seen tremendous positive changes. It is a great nation with a great mission for its citizens.  








台北英語演講會在培養許多台灣國際演講協會優秀的領導者,以及在奠基台灣成為國際演講總會的正式成員上扮演了重要的角色!今日台灣在國際演講會世界總會委員會上已有代表為台灣發聲,那就是已成為世界總會理事的 顏瑛宗 先生。就我個人而言,我期盼有一天國際演講總會的會長能來自台灣!所有的這些發展都起源於1958年創會的台北英語演講會。