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12月號出刊/ Dec. edition to be Published!

Recently, I had an annual evaluation with my team members in my company. I had each of them evaluated herself first, then I talked to them one by one. I had a long talk with one girl who has worked with me for more than 3 years. Her performance is lagging behind other colleagues. I know her work situation quite well; she hadn’t made any obvious progress in her work in the past year when our business was expanding steadily. The point is that she lost her passion and ambitions for PR work, which also reflected on her personal life and the way she treated people and faced challenges. However, another team member who has worked with me for just 6 months, has made a huge progress in work within a short time. When I compare them, I surprisingly found how amazing it is when we have a passionate heart no matter how long we have been doing something. Of course, the colleague who has the passion got her promotion!  

Taiwan Toastmasters is 50 years old this year! It is something significant for every Toastmaster in . Therefore, I initiated a celebration campaign, which includes two ideas, to celebrate the 50th anniversary. One is holding the Toastmasters Family Contest and the other is collecting creative ideas to celebrate this important year. I have received some feedbacks and creative ideas since its kick-off. Congratulations to the Champion family, formed by Janice Su, Yuan Su and Lo Su, who holds a 44-year membership in Toastmasters!  

The purpose of this campaign is to ignite the passion of our members with the hope of creating more interactions among nationwide members when celebrating this very important year. I am thankful that some of our senior members immediately signed up for this contest while some members dropped me their creative ideas in the District PR Blog. I see the passion among our members regardless of whether they are junior or senior members. They all demonstrate the true Toastmasters spirit, a spirit with passionate a heart and positive thinking. And I believe they are  crucial for being Toastmasters!

In this edition, to salute to those passionate Toastmasters who devoted themselves to the establishment of Taiwan Toastmasters, we have invited Dr. Bennie Bough, Y.H Chen, Erick Sun, Marina Chou and Ras Huang to share with us their magic moments with Taiwan Toastmasters at its outset.  

Dear members, what do you expect your life or Toastmasters journey to be? Fifty years after, will you still be passionate for Toastmasters?  





本期演講協會時報,為了向那些熱忱的演講會友,他們致力催生中華民國演講協會的成立致敬,我們邀請到中華民國演講協會的創始人Dr. Bennie Bough、陳泳華、孫慈悌、周美華以及黃啟芳,與我們分享他們與演講會相遇的美好時刻!