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江偉平DTM 專訪/Exclusive Interview with Webster Kiang

1. What kept you striving for the DTM? Did you encounter any difficulty during the process, and how did you overcome it? 

Webster:  I saw the value in those advanced manuals. For example, in project one of the interpersonal relations manual, it taught me how to make small talk with strangers at a party.  The projects illustrated that there are four levels of talks between two people.  The first level is small talk; you just talk about weather, news etc.  The second level is facts discussions; you talk about your job, etc.  The third level is discussing opinions.  And the fourth level is share your personal feeling about things.  During the role play, I easily reached level three, but, in my real life I spend fifty years only reached level 3 and still have not reached level 4.  I learned so much just in one project.  

Think about there are fifteen manuals each has five projects, a total of seventy five projects.  That is a rich treasure we can tap into.  So I delved into it by doing project-by-project to finish thirty projects.  

Of course there were difficulties. Due to my company travel requirements, there were times that I could not finish preparing my speeches.  I had to utilize time management techniques and relation building methods by visiting various clubs to take role assignments to gain friendship with other Toastmasters.  The secret for my fast-track advancement was that I served as my own Education Vice President, I scheduled five speeches of a manual in five different clubs within three month period.  In such a way, I was able to complete 10 speeches for each of the six month period.  If I had to wait my own club EVP to schedule speeches for me within just one club, there was no way I could advance so quickly.   

My suggestion to the junior members is that to buy the whole set of advanced manuals by discount as a Library Set.  That was what I did, I often read those project descriptions as novels during my spare time.  Just reading more project manuals, I could gain insights into a lot of various aspects of communication. 

2. Did you have any plan/strategy to get the DTM? 

Webster: The communication track is relatively straight forward, you just need to do thirty speeches, plus a few workshops.   

There are several milestones for the DTM on the leadership track.  One needs to be a club officer, as well as a District Officer for one term.  In addition , one needs to complete the High Performance Leadership Program, and to sponsor or be a mentor for a new club.  You need to be given those opportunities to serve.  Before you are given those opportunities, you may have to volunteer to do the assistant role for the District Officers to let people notice you.  

3. In your opinion, what are the benefits you see in the recognition of DTM?  

Webster: The fact that there are only 36 DTM's in The entire , this title is very prestige.  You will be given the opportunities to be invited to visit a lot of club meetings and roles.  It is your chance to pay back to the members who needs your guidance.  


4. Any advice for those members who would like to get the DTM but don't know how? 

Webster:  The requirements for DTM are listed as the two tracks for communications and leadership.  A lot of senior members will be able to answer any questions you may have on those requirements.  

It is my believe, that any member, if he or she sets his/her mind to complete a DTM. He/she will be able to reach it.  

5. What is your next goal after getting your DTM?  

Webster:  My next set of goals are : 1) to start participating in the Mandarin clubs on a dual member basis, and 2) to share my enthusiasm about Toastmasters in the community associations, like the Rotary Clubs, Universities, etc.  

6:  Did you get any help in your journey to DTM?  

Webster: Definitely, there are many DTMs and senior members who helped me along the way during the last two and half years.  They helped me not only to my club but also to my personal development in terms of guidance, counseling, answering questions and providing me with necessary documents and information.  Without those assistance, I would have to spend a long or detoured way of getting those information in achieve the goal.  



















DTM所需具備的條件以名列於溝通與領導層面的手冊當中。很多資深會友都可以回答你可能有的疑問。 我個人認為任何想要拿到DTM資格的人,他/她一定能達成。