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總編輯的話/Luna's words


There were two celebrations at the beginning of 2008. In the first weekend of January, about 200 Toastmasters gathered at the Splendor Hotel to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Taipei Toastmasters Club, which had been under preparation  for nearly 4 months. The Taipei Toastmasters Club invited Dr. Bennie Bough, the founder of Taiwan's1st Toastmasters club,  and his wife to visit us for a week. Members of Taipei Toastmasters Club organized this grand event, making it like a mini Spring/Fall convention and demonstrating the cohesive teamwork spirit of a 50-year old club.   

I would like to particularly point out the variety session hosted by Vincent and Sean, who presented a professional-level humorous performance. They shared with the participants how Dr. Bennie Bough founded the first Toastmasters Club and several phases that D67 has experienced over the past 50 years by presenting a tailor-made film with the help of Taipei Toastmasters Club members. The meeting room was filled with non-stop laughter and applause. Vincent and Sean are very close friends, and they get many chances to present their talents on various occasions. They joined Toastmasters in different years; however, they both indicated that Toastmasters training advanced their job performance and amateur performances. This is the value of Toastmasters!   

In this edition, I have included a special report on the Japanese Toastmasters Club in . The outset of this exclusive report comes from a greeting letter for the launch of Toastmasters Times from a Japanese Toastmaster last year. I have no idea of how they receive the Toastmasters Times, until I met DTM Rio Imamura from Kitakyushu Toastmasters Club at the Fall Convention last November. I was impressed by his compliments on Toastmasters Times. After that, Mr. Imamura and I kept contact. He also gave me an update on the status of Japanese Toastmasters.  

Last December, Mr. Imamura wrote to me and told me the Taiwan Japanese Toastmasters Clubs are going to celebrate their 10th anniversary. He explained that the programs have been arranged, and he suggested that we have a special report on this event. When I reviewed the agenda, I was surprised to find that it is one of the most sophisticated agendas I have ever seen. The clubs have been preparing this celebration for almost 4 months. In addition to the main session in each Toastmasters meeting, the prepared speech/table topics, they include Japanese classical dance (Buyō), poetry recitals (Shigin) stand-up comedy (Manzai), etc.   

I decided to have a special report on Japanese Toastmasters in D67, and I invited our editor Will Lin to conduct an exclusive interview with the District Governor, Msahigo Inatsugi. I also invited Holy Wu, the President of Pacific Toastmasters Club to tell us how the 10th Anniversary Celebration was done. Finally, I got an interview with Melody Hou, the Champion of Japanese Humorous Speech Contest 2007.   

I have always appreciated the refined culture of Japan , which is also carried over in Toastmasters. I would like to dedicate this special report to all the Japanese Toastmasters in D67. Meanwhile, I express my appreciation to Mr. Imamura for the valuable suggestions and comments. He is a living example of a Toastmaster who excels in communication skills, and I thank him for his encouragement in preparing this special report. While D67 is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, we extend our best wishes for the 10th Anniversary of Japanese Toastmasters clubs!



一月的第一個週末,約兩百位演講會會友齊聚新店京彩飯店,一起慶祝演講會在台五十週年慶!這個籌備近四個月的活動,邀請中華民國演講協會的創辦人Bennie Bough博士與其夫人來台展開為期一星期的拜訪,同時台北演講會也出動全員卯足勁擴大宣傳跟辦理,充分展現一個五十歲的演講會超強的相心力與團隊合作精神,讓整個五十週年活動猶如一個小型的春秋季大會。  

我特別要提一下這次活動擔任餘興表演節目Vincent & Sean,他們充滿逗趣與幽默的表演方式,不輸專業的藝人,從事公關工作的我,可以為他們拍胸脯掛保證!他們精湛的表演方式,搭配跟台北演講會友的專業級自拍自導影片,從Bennie Bough博士當年如何醞釀成立第一個演講會的想法,到五十年來演講會歷經不同時期的演變,透過創意簡明的方式,傳達給在場的每一個人,也讓這場達半小時演出的餘興節目,笑聲與掌聲不絕於耳!Vincent & Sean原本就是是多年好友,常在各種不同場合搭檔演出。他們加入演講會的時間兩人不一,但是都同時表示透過演講會的洗禮,讓他們無論在工作上或是業餘表演上的技能更精進!這也是演講會迷人之處!  

另外,在本期電子報,你可以看到幾篇關於日語演講會的專題報導。想要製作這份專題源自於去年演講協會電子報發行之後,我接到來自日本會友的道賀信。我不知道他們如何知道這份電子報,直到我在去年秋季大會上遇到來自Kitakyushu演講會的DTM今村亮(Rio Imamura)先生,他當面跟我表示對於這份電子報的稱讚,我感動莫名。之後,今村先生持續透過幾次的電子郵件往來,讓我大致瞭解他們在日本演講會的動態。當去年以秋季大會得獎者為專題所發行的11月號的演講協會時報出刊之後,今村先生再度寫信給我,他客氣的建議我何妨也採訪一下日語會幽默演講冠軍得主 侯淑美 小姐?我當下知道,我獨漏了日語會得主。這份歉意一直在我心中,我苦思如何彌補。  

去年十二月,今村先生再度寫信給我,他告訴我一月十九號,台灣的太平洋日本語會跟平和日本語會將聯合舉辦日語會在台成立十週年,他給我方向,建議我可以報導這次的活動,同時也跟我說明當天慶祝活動日本演講會的總會長稲継正彦將親臨現場,另外還包括 侯淑美 小姐將示範她的冠軍演說。當我仔細端詳當天活動流程安排,我不得不佩服日語會的成員,這活動的安排是我見過演講會活動最精緻的一個之一(我無意貶損其他會的苦心,但是,我鼓勵大家可以向他們看齊),同樣這次慶祝會也花了近四個月的時間籌備與聯繫,內容包括除演講協會之重要精神--指定演說/即席演說外,更加入了日本特有之文化藝術表演包括日本舞踊、詩吟、漫才,還有日本舞踊國寶級的大師演出。  

我當下決定是時候為日語會作些報導了。但看了一看我的行程,我當天必須啟程前往美國出差,無法前往。於是,我邀請了編輯團隊的 林政瑋 先生為總會長作專訪。同時我也邀請平和日語演講會會長吳志豪跟大家分享整個日語會十週年慶的籌備過程,當然,我也不放過可以專訪日語會冠軍的 侯 小姐!  

我一直非常欣賞日本社會所呈現出來無論在各方面的精緻度。而讓我驚訝的是,他們將這份精神徹底實行於演講會!我僅以這次專題向所有台灣日語會成員致意,同時我要特別感 謝今村 先生給我的寶貴建議與指教,他活生生的展現演講會所強調的溝通技巧,促成這份專題的誕生。在中華民國演講協會正式邁入五十載之際,台灣日語會,十週年快樂!