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參加國際演講會收獲/What I learned from the International Convention

It was my 3rd time to attend the annual convention of TI and it was my 2nd time to participate in the trainings for district top three officers which are held before the convention every year. They still let me feel a sense of gratitude even though a month has passed since our return. The plentiful experiences from the convention not only enhanced my confidence in leadership and communication but also expanded my personal growth. For encouragement of our members to participate in the convention in the future, I’d like to share some of my experiences from the convention in the following points:
1.      For the convenience of most members, the annual convention was scheduled in the middle of August during summer vacation. The high costs associated with traveling during this time have induced some to voice a change in the timing of the convention, but like a pilgrimage, a large number of members still poured into the convention to show their support to the organization and show their interest in learning from Toastmasters’ best speakers. I expect that our members who have the interest to join such a pilgrimage should prepare themselves and join us next year at Foxwood, Connecticut, in August 2009.
2.      There were two full days of training for the top 3 district officers in DNAR (Districts Not Assigned to Region) from Sunday to Monday afternoon. The training included: building effective teams, conflict management, district leader breakout sessions (training for the role of DG, LGET and LGM respectively), building new clubs, transition training and district success workshop: planning and budgeting. The programs were full of challenges and used discussion with workshops, although a little boring for some team members who liked to grab a microphone to express their ideas to show their outstanding knowledge, I still learned a lot of leadership skills which may help me to management smoothly our district in the future.
3.      The campaign activities for new International Officers and Directors of board were the most exciting event during the convention. All the processes were under the instruction of WHQ and in the spirit of a true democracy. The most splendid part of this campaign activity was the candidate showcase reception. Every candidate put up their stand to show their articles and received greeting or interviews from many Toastmasters which included District Governors. We, the top 3 officers from D67, as a team together, visited every candidate after an appointment. We ask them 3 questions:
Their mission for their new office, their idea about the translation of Toastmasters’ educational materials into Mandarin and their idea to solve the high shipping fee for materials from WHQ.
The purpose of the last two questions was to urge the future leader to understand the problems we encounter and help to solve the issues in the future. We also expressed our ideas and suggestions for the 2 issues, such as increasing the range and speed of translation, having a professional translation company to translate the education materials; also we suggested having special store in Taiwan or in Asia to solve the problem of shipping fee. We also conveyed the same issues to the Manager and Officer of WHQ and received positive responses. Although they have their difficulties, for example, lack of budget to translate manuals into many different languages due to the large number of educational materials, but they promised to try any possible method to solve these problems in the future. I believe that having their understanding of our problem is the biggest achievement we got this year. I also hope that the issues will be solved in the near future.
4.      The international speech contest was another key event. It attracted many members. Our contestant Sammy Su represented our district to compete with other 6 DNAR contestants and got the 2nd place trophy. The best result we have ever had in our district. Owing to her natural ability, relentless efforts, and her support team led by Helen Chen, DTM, she got the honor of being named 2nd place. In fact, she performed very well and it was possible to win the contest. I expect that she will win the champion next year if she continues with her hard work.  
5.      Every year at the convention, there is quite a number of educational and training programs, such as general keynote speeches, leadership track, communication track and club & district success tracks. One of the programs was hosted by 2007 public speaking champion, Vikas Jhingran. His topic was “Public speaking—An emotional approach”. He explored the importance of having an emotional connection with the audience. He also emphasized to use music, movies and art as a resource for speech ideas and showed us how he used this idea to win the world championship in year 2007. We all agreed that after one year’s preparation and presentation in different occasions, he accumulated a lot of new ideas and now he has become an excellent trainer.
6.      Hall of fame is another exciting session too. This session was arranged after the Luncheon party, so, every award recipient felt very honor to stand on the stage to accept the award and accept the greeting from the audience and toke many memorable photos. Our District won the 4th position in District Distinguished program, so, our District was invited to accept the honorable award in the front of the line. As the 4th position was announced, our IPDG Jack Tsai, DTM, was invited to sit at the top row of the stage during the formal luncheon on Aug.15, 2008 before the hall of fame. It was a great honor for all of us. We expect that our DG Marian Hsiao, DTM will have the same opportunity to sit on the very high position if we work together. After this convention, I’d like to organize a very honorable and respectful atmosphere to present our awards in this Fall-convention which will be held on Nov.15-16 in Taichung.
Many years ago, a woman asked a great Chicago educator Francis Parker after his lecture, “How early can I begin the education of my child?” The master replied, “How old is your child?” The woman replied, “She’s five years old.” And the master shouted, “Already you have lost the best five years.” My dear fellow Toastmasters, the annual convention provides a lot of fantastic programs for us to learn. Don’t hesitate and miss the great opportunity of learning! Now, let’s start to save money and arrange our holidays for next August 2009. Let’s go together to join the annual convention. 
一、 為配合大部會員的暑假方便,每年度的世界大會時間都固定在八月中旬舉行。暑期旅行費用最高,已有很大的聲音希望改變日期,但會員本著對演講的支持,認同及求知的心情,每年總有數不盡的人朝聖般的參與。期待有興趣的會友,趕快存錢並訂下休假日程,明年八月大家逗陣向前行。
二、 地區總會的三位幹部訓練會為期二天(週日到週一中午),訓練課程包括組織有効率的團隊,危機處理,地區總會長,教育訓練副總會長及推廣副總會長職務訓練(分開擧行),創立新分會,職務轉移,企劃及預算編制等。節目精彩,內容豐富,又多用討論方式進行,雖然有幾位先角經常自以為是般地佔用時間發言,但真的學到很多領導之智識及技巧,相信對未來的地區總會之業務推廣有幫助。
三、 每年年會中都有總會幹部及理事的選擧活動,而最精彩的是依規定的制式且民主的攤位競選活動。競選者擺出其競選資料外,也接受會友的祝福及訪問。他們幾乎都要跟各地區總會長約定時間接受訪談。今年我們三位一體,訪問每位競選者,並提出三個問題,例如:當選後的抱負理想,對中文翻譯本的看法以及如何解決高郵寄費用的問題。我們的目的是要末來的領導者能瞭解,並在未來能解決我們的問題。針對後兩項問題,我們也提出我們的看法及建議,例如,加速開放翻譯成中文書刊的範圍及速度,建議直接請專業翻譯公司翻譯,又快又沒有版權問題,以及在台灣或亞洲地區設立書局販售總會文物等,以解決運費問題。我們也將同樣的問題向總部的負責人提出,希望他們瞭解、重視並解決我們的困難。雖然他們也有困難,例如有許多不同語文,許多書籍及敎育材料待翻,費用無法承担,但他們也同意積極設法解決。我認為讓許多決策者瞭解我們的問題,是今年最大的收獲,也希望不久的將來問題會逐一解決。
四、 演講比賽是最大的賣點,許多人也是為看比賽而參加的。今年我們的參賽人蘇冬蘭小姐牛刀小試,就獲得很好的成績。當然這是她的天分,她的努力以及她的團隊,如陳海倫小姐等背後支持的結果。其實,她深具冠軍之能力,只要再繼續努力,明年仍大有可為的。
五、 每年都有多樣化的教育訓練課程,包括溝通、領導、專題演講及分會與總會的成功管理等。其中去年的演講比賽冠軍Vikas Jhingran ,被安排為今年度的訓練講師之一,其題目為”Public speaking—An emotional approach” 其題目為探討演講時需要用感情連擊聽衆的重要性。並引用音樂電影或藝術作為演講之意念。我們聽後一致認為得獎後經過一段時間的思考準備,可能有更吸引人的材料及能力來訓練別人。
六、 名人堂的時間也是很吸引人的節目。這個時段單獨安排在午宴及專題演講之後行,每位受獎者都感到受尊重,可以很光榮地上台受獎,照相並接受歡呼祝賀。D-67榮獲全世界第四名,因此也排在前面上台接受表揚。說到第四名,在名人堂之前的正式午宴時間,去年的總會長蔡銘吉先生受邀坐到舞台最高一排,非常榮躍。盼望明年,蕭敏環總會長也能光榮地坐上舞台上吧!雖然我們地區總會主辦的二次大會時間很緊促,但今年的秋季大會將有一段安静隆重的盼奬時段,讓受獎人感到受尊重。
婦女回答:五歲了!”大師大聲叫道:天啊! 不要站在這裡跟我聊天,趕怏回家;你已經誤了最好的五年了啊!各位會友:世界大會真的提供許多精彩的節目,可以讓我們開心的學習。不要再猶疑了,趕快存錢並排出明年的假期,我們大家逗陣去參加世界大會,以免躭誤了最好的學習時間呢!